My Steps to Achievement

I’ve worked out all month long and I feel….Great! 

I feel lighter, leaner and stronger from my head to my feet. 

Consistency is key so what have I done differently to creative new habits:

1. Set a goal to achieve.

  • My goal for working out it to build my core strength for pole fitness. Pole Con is May 31! I must be able to climb 12ft poles and preform lots of tricks. I use to teach 4 years ago but moving and having a baby took me away from my passion. But this year I’m back! 

2. Found a workout I love.

  • My goal is pole but I know I need to build strength. Popilates has been it. It’s upbeat, fun and very challenging workout. Everyday is different and just when I think I got this….she reminds me that she is not here to make it easy. Popilates. Try it for yourself! 

3. Write it down

  • I have 99 journals but they all Serve one purpose which is to remind me of all the positive possibilities available. I write and recite affirmations for myself. Sometimes you can find my struggle but I’m working on flipping my negative to positive opportunities to achieve. 


4. Support Support Support

  • I surround myself with positive people who supports my dream! My family are very helpful and my circle of friends are awesome at keeping it real but positive. 

    Peace of mind

    Everyday I wake up on a mission to change what I want my life to be. Piece by piece. 

    This month I let go of social media a little bit. 

    I started my journey to even healthier eating. Green smoothie, truly clean and healthy meals.

    Working out with Poppilates and Pole fitness.

    And making sure my family get the best of me and not the left over of work.