Truth be Told

I am a mother who is single.

I chose to stay single for several reasons.

Not because I’m mad, not because I’m angry, not because I have trust issues, not because I hate all men, not because I’m stubborn. 

After having Mini Bunches, her father and I parted ways. The conclusion was to raise her in a household that was not tensed with issues. Not a choice I planned but due to events occurring the tension between us it was dividing enough to cause problems.

Personally I was becoming someone I was not. That girlfriend who watched every step and analysis every word. I would spend hours thinking of situations some that had occurred and many that had not yet. 

I was pregnant and working and trying to save 4 years of good after a hand full of months (non- consecutive)  of bad but at the end I was driving myself crazy over things that were truly out of my control. Who am I to control others actions and expectations?

The hardest thing was to finally let go. People on the outside may have looked and said that I just dropped everything and ran. Those who know me seen the struggle. But I know that for me…when the time came….I lost 100lbs of hurt, pain, confusion, unanswered questions doubts and more. 

You have to see pass your idea of the situation to see the reality of the situation.