31: A lesson to Remember 

This weekend I turned 31. Omgeeee I know. But besides having a great time with my closest family and friends I learned a great lesson. 

For my birthday I already knew I was going to break the rules from my 30 day smoothies challenge. I had dinner plans and alcohol in the works too. Epic right!!! Not so much. Why you might ask…well let me tell you. 

Friday night I had plans to eat dinner with my family and friends. I wanted pizza and beer because I did not buy any pizza or beer for the month of January except for one day. Which is great for me because I use to eat Mellow Mushroom pizza 3 times a week. (Dairy/Soy Free and delicious)!  I enjoyed my family and had friends surprise me by popping up randomly. My pizza was OK. My margaritas was ok. 

Saturday I planned for a Paint with Twist wine night, go out to eat then hangout. All of that went perfect food and drinks….delicious yes but I still felt empty or felt that all this “no good food and drinks” should have tasted liked heaven on earth. 

Sunday was Super Bowl, fried chicken was my extra food and wine. But still not as great as I hoped. 

I came to realize that my body and my mindset had shifted. Because I had stuck to healthy eating for over 40 days my body finally preferred the great foods in life than the delicious “junk” food I thought I was craving. Wow. 40 days is all it took. Consistency is key.

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