Dairy Free Soy Free

So I’m currently out of town and needed food I could eat quickly with a microwave. I decided I would just start with real life situations to find food without soy or dairy. The video below are foods that are dairy and soy free. 

I went dairy and soy free while breastfeeding my daughter and decided I did not want to go back. Details as I post more but this was my trip to Publix.

Dear Life

Currently my biggest fight with emotions is when will I finally jump and let go of my corporate job. 

We had a meeting of many that I’ve experience in the last year.  Mostly stating that as managers we are too soft we must demand respect or you will lose your job. It’s either the employees or you. I’ve personal dealt with more of it. I’m the only female who smiles 24/7. 

I fully understand the corporate world. I’ve been in it for over 8 years. I do need to demand more respect period. But I go to work knowing that my boss does not support me makes work harder.

I am not lazy nor am I a person who just let everything go. But apparently I’m required to threaten people jobs in order for them to act right. I’ve been directly threaten of my job. Not my cup of tea on the giving/receiving side. 

So I decided to put some energy to being Ms. B at work but more energy in finding my true passion. Why not find something I love that will fit my personality. I have grown so much with this company but at the end of the day I must explore new challenges to grow on or I will be stuck. 

I’ve thought about it for a long time. My situation is no different than staying in a bad relationship. There’s lots of good but when the bad come it’s mentally, physically emotionally draining. And I have to ask myself honestly, why are you here? Do you plan to move up? What are you willing to truly fight for? 

Once I was asked why do I walk around the office smiling when things are not going the way they shpuld. 

Of course I didn’t say anything but at the end of the day I have to make a choice. Let sadness and angry show or smile. I have so much more than be happy about. 

As much as money operates my life I think at the end of the day my passion will make up for the materialistic misses.

I want to uplift those who have goals and want to achieve them. I want to motivated based on the both wins and lost because there are lessons in both! 

Shared Passions

As a mother who works outside of the home life can be a unique rollercoaster ride. My mind is continously fighting a battle between priorities, my family and my favorite question “what is life without a corporate job?”

But aside from my personal ups, downs and battles I do have somethings that continuous pop up just when I need them. My friends aka my sisters who always catch me at the right time. 

Now understand we all have busy schedules. Do we talk EVERYDAY, no. But when we do its at the perfect time! It can be a random text messages, random calls, playdates and etc. 

The night before I was setting my self up for a successful new year starting November 1st. I woke up with the same energy. Work hard, play harder, enjoy my passions. As I was driving to work (Ole corporate) I received a message; “Have you thought about…for your business?  

Someone woke up this morning thinking about me. 😍

The Start: Dairy Free Soy Free

I stopped eating dairy when I was breastfeeding my daughter Mini. 4 months into breastfeeding we found out that her body was not properly digesting dairy protein. My choices were to stop breastfeeding, buy expense formula to feed her or I would need to stop eating all forms of dairy.

My heart was already set to breastfeed for as long as possible. Immediately I thought I’ll stop eating dairy, I was already drinking almond milk because I’m lactose intolerant. How bad can this be?

Week 1 

What has dairy in it? EVERYTHING! I lost 20lbs in a week between breastfeeding and trying to feed myself. I was lost confused and starving. 

Week 2

Fruits and vegetables were the obvious go to foods but as a “healthy” eater my diet and taste buds were not accustomed a lot of those. Plus I was a foodie! Full favored meals with cheese, bread and any new restaurant I could find. Japanese food, Mexican food, Thai food, Southern Carolina soul food. I knew there had to be a way to cook without being a vegan. Which I may go to eventually with baby steps!

Week 3 

I started reading labels again and visiting the site http://www.godairyfree.org which provided great assistance but again I learned I need to stop soy protein too. What has soy protein? Everything! 

Week 4

No fast food. Why?

No eating what others at home cooked. Whyyyyyyy?

No more food trucks. Sad!

I can make a long list of no mores… let’s roll on to why.

This is the part that I learned slowly, the hard way and for those who want to go dairy and/or soy free or have to then stay tune. I will post building blocks quicker than my journey took me. Below are major eye openers. 

1. Keep it simple when starting.

Do not try to cook a full out dairy/soy free mmeal you, will be lost and hungry. 

Small snacks throughout the day and think foods without labels. 

Single spices and oils. 

2. No more Vegetable oil

This is why most fast foods are no longer in my diet. Vegetable oil is soy bean oil. I use:

Canola Oil (Frying), 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (baking), 

Peanut Oil (Turkey fried whole) 

  • More tips to come!