Dairy Free Soy Free Week 1 – No Rush 

Let’s get it!

Before we make any major changes let’s see what should be eliminated. 

Disclaimer: If you are like me and had to stop cold turkey on dairy/soy please check out Stop n Drop Dairy/Soy. 

For your first week I want you to write down what you are eating and drinking each day. At the end of the day take your list and read the ingredient labels on the back of your food. 

Use the list below to pick out dairy ingredients  (soy will say soy):


Put a X by the items with dairy/soy ingredients and circle the foods without them. 

Easy enough right?

The items that you X will be dismissed from your diet. What else did you find? 

Do not panic if your entire list is out. There are many surprising ways to keep your favorite foods around with some tweaks. 

Change is coming! Next post will continue your next step to Dairy/Soy Free living. 

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