Ladies.. am I the only one

One of my new year goals is to get out of the house more and reestablish my social life. Since the birth of my daughter, the break up of my boyfriend 5+ years, and the new stress from a old job, I’ve been keeping myself inside and away from people. 

Before knowing I was pregnant I rode motorcycles. If you are a rider then you know the drastic change between jumping on a bike at anytime vs being out of the scene and watching others enjoy random sunny warm days in February.

Before my lovely daughter I was a girlfriend. Date nights, dinners, gaming system, movie night.  

Before my daughter I would not mine spending an extra hour at work to clean up and get ahead. 

Well it’s time to spread my wings. Last weekend was dinners and paintings. 

This weekend was dinner and my old past time poetry nights. No I’m not a poet but I love listening and watching everyone’s unique interpretation of life. 

I dressed up and felt great knowing my child was safe and I could relax and let my hair down.  Even though the solitary time was and at times is good. I’m ready to continue my.get out and go days and nights! 

You should too!! 

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