My Steps to Achievement

I’ve worked out all month long and I feel….Great! 

I feel lighter, leaner and stronger from my head to my feet. 

Consistency is key so what have I done differently to creative new habits:

1. Set a goal to achieve.

  • My goal for working out it to build my core strength for pole fitness. Pole Con is May 31! I must be able to climb 12ft poles and preform lots of tricks. I use to teach 4 years ago but moving and having a baby took me away from my passion. But this year I’m back! 

2. Found a workout I love.

  • My goal is pole but I know I need to build strength. Popilates has been it. It’s upbeat, fun and very challenging workout. Everyday is different and just when I think I got this….she reminds me that she is not here to make it easy. Popilates. Try it for yourself! 

3. Write it down

  • I have 99 journals but they all Serve one purpose which is to remind me of all the positive possibilities available. I write and recite affirmations for myself. Sometimes you can find my struggle but I’m working on flipping my negative to positive opportunities to achieve. 


4. Support Support Support

  • I surround myself with positive people who supports my dream! My family are very helpful and my circle of friends are awesome at keeping it real but positive. 

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