Shared Passions

As a mother who works outside of the home life can be a unique rollercoaster ride. My mind is continously fighting a battle between priorities, my family and my favorite question “what is life without a corporate job?”

But aside from my personal ups, downs and battles I do have somethings that continuous pop up just when I need them. My friends aka my sisters who always catch me at the right time. 

Now understand we all have busy schedules. Do we talk EVERYDAY, no. But when we do its at the perfect time! It can be a random text messages, random calls, playdates and etc. 

The night before I was setting my self up for a successful new year starting November 1st. I woke up with the same energy. Work hard, play harder, enjoy my passions. As I was driving to work (Ole corporate) I received a message; “Have you thought about…for your business?  

Someone woke up this morning thinking about me. 😍

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